Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Our Story in the Breastfeeding Diaries

Today I am guest-posting over on The Girl in the Red Shoes blog, sharing our breastfeeding story. Julie runs a feature called the Breastfeeding Diaries, where moms can tell and celebrate their breastfeeding journeys. 

Won't you come over and take a look? 

Want to know more about breastfeeding twins? Check out my ebook, Twin Manibreasto. It's part of the Essential Parenting Collection, offered by my affiliate partner Mindful Nurturing.

You can get this lovely eBook, paired with 34 other quality eProducts for only $49.97.

Alternatively, you can get the module Parenting the Early Years for $19.97, giving you access to:
  • The Colic Solution, by Nicolette Roux
  • Twin Manibreasto, by Mercedes R. Donis
  • The Natural Parent's Guide to Babywearing, by Lauren Wayne
  • A one-year subscription to JUNO magazine
  • What Not to Say: Tools for Talking to Young Children, by Sarah Maclaughlin
  • Oxytocin Parenting: Womb through the Terrible Twos, by Susan Kuchinskas and Bryan Post

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Friday, February 21, 2014

10 Signs You Need Baby Wearing + How to Do It

You Might Need Baby Wearing If...

1. You have a fussy or colicky baby

Worn babies cry for fewer hours a day than unworn babies, and skin-to-skin contact causes baby’s stress hormones to drop. 

2. You breastfeed on demand

Baby wearing provides easy access and, depending on the carrier, discretion without the need for a nursing cover!

3. You want your partner, caregiver or someone else to bond with baby

Babywearing isn’t just for mamas—fathers, grandparents, nannies and others can wear baby and provide a safe and snuggly haven.

4. You live in a crowded city 

If you like to get all up in the hustle and bustle of city life, a stroller is just going to slow you down, I don’t care how über sleek it is. Busy streets and crowded sidewalks--just sling that baby on!

5. You use public transportation

Again with the bulky strollers…I get in a panicky sweat just thinking about it. Sure, you could make it happen but how easy would it be to hop on with your baby attached to you?

6. You like to hike and explore nature

Babies can enjoy nature with you! They enjoy a different perspective of the world while perched on your back, taking it all in. Plus, a little bit more of an intensive work-out for you! 

7. You have other children, or more than one baby

You might need to baby wear out of necessity rather than to simply enjoy being “hands-free.” Knowing that you have one baby taken care of is a weight off your mind if not your back! Play with an older sibling, change the twin’s diaper, or really do anything! 

8. Your baby only falls asleep in your arms or in the car

The motion of you carrying on with life can lull your baby to sleep, while leaving you with your arms and hands free! Your biceps might not get the same workout, but your shoulders, back and hips will thank you! In addition, you won’t be confined to your home as baby can now nap on the go. 

9. You like to travel

Keeping your baby close to your heart in a carrier is safer and easier than depending on a stroller or worse, plastic car seat in a crowded airport! You take up less room and a happier baby will hopefully result in a stress-free trip. 

10. You need a new addiction

Collecting yarn, cloth diapers or Himalayan salt lamps just isn’t cutting it anymore. Welcome to the world of wraps (or mei-tais, or slings, or soft-sided carriers…)

Lauren Wayne’s “The Natural Parent’s Guide to Babywearing” is a must-read for those wanting to break into the crunchy world of baby wearing.

From the what to the why and most importantly, the HOW, Lauren explains baby wearing and all its manifestations. I love the full size color photos showing different styles of carriers, plus the step-by-step instructions for using each type. 

The writing is straightforward and clear with a sense of humor as well, and left me with a longing for a tiny little baby to tuck away into a snuggly wrap! But babywearing isn’t just for “babies,” you can wear toddlers as well (and we do!).


This would make a great gift for a new or expecting mom, as would any of the titles included in the Parenting: The Early Years mini-bundle 

Buy this guide, along with 5 other titles, for only $19.97, or buy the full Essential Parenting Collection for only $49.97—that’s the less than $2 per title! This collection is available from my affiliate partner, Mindful Nurturing

You can click the button below to Buy Now, or read more about what’s being offered

Click to buy The Early Years mini-bundle:

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Essential Parenting Collection eBundle

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Will I Still Be A Good Mom?

Welcome to the February 2014 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Parenting Fears This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Code Name: Mama and Hobo Mama. This month our participants have shared stories and wisdom about parenting fears. ***

Before having my twins, I couldn't wait to be a mom. But I usually imagined myself with big kids, not babies. So it surprised me when I really loved the tiny baby stage!

Of course, it was challenging. 

And with two babies, everything was even more difficult than I had thought/hoped. To be more specific, breastfeeding was a struggle in the beginning, but it was my top priority and soon became one of my favorite aspects of motherhood and my relationship with my babies.

As a new mom separated from my family and friends, I second-guessed most of my actions in the twins' first year. But breastfeeding was never one of those things. 

Breast is best, after all, and I felt good knowing that on at least one level, I was providing my children with the unequivocal best I could offer. 

But now that my babies are sixteen-month-old toddlers, that part of our relationship is changing and it's bittersweet and frankly, it makes me a little uneasy.

Now we're getting into the flesh of parenthood: tantrums that require empathy, behavior that needs guidance, imaginations that crave creativity.

And I wonder, will I know how to provide them with what they need?

Without the assurance that I'm doing "the best" for my children, will I still be a good mom?

Twin Manibreasto is the story of my experience breastfeeding twins and is part of the Essential Parenting Collection, offered by my affiliate partner Mindful Nurturing. You can get this lovely eBook, along with 34 other quality eProducts for only $49.97. Alternatively, you can get the module Parenting the Early Years for $19.97, giving you access to:
  • The Colic Solution, by Nicolette Roux
  • Twin Manibreasto, by Mercedes R. Donis
  • The Natural Parent's Guide to Babywearing, by Lauren Wayne
  • A one-year subscription to JUNO magazine
  • What Not to Say: Tools for Talking to Young Children, by Sarah Maclaughlin
  • Oxytocin Parenting: Womb through the Terrible Twos, by Susan Kuchinskas and Bryan Post

*** Carnival of Natural Parenting -- Hobo Mama and Code Name: MamaVisit Code Name: Mama and Hobo Mama to find out how you can participate in the next Carnival of Natural Parenting! Please take time to read the submissions by the other carnival participants:
  • When Parents' Fears Escalate — If we didn't self-doubt, we probably wouldn't care enough about our children to struggle with understanding them. But how do we overcome self-doubt? Read advice from Laurie Hollman, Ph.D., guest posting today at Natural Parents Network.
  • What ifs of addiction — After seeing how addictions of adult children is badly hurting a family close to her heart, Hannah at HannahandHorn shares her fears for her own child.
  • Sharing My Joy — Kellie at Our Mindful Life shares her fear that others think she is judgmental because she makes alternative choices for her own family.
  • Building My Tribe Fearlessly — A meteorite hit Jaye Anne at Tribal Mama's family when she was seven years old. Read the story, how she feels about that now, and how she is building her tribe fearlessly.
  • Fear: Realized — Laura from Pug in the Kitchen shares how her fear of car accidents was realized and how she hopes to be able to use her efforts to overcome the remaining fears to help her children overcome their own.
  • I'm a Negligent Helicopter Parent — For Issa Waters at LoveLiveGrow, the line between helicopter parenting and negligent parenting is not so cut and dried.
  • My Greatest Fear For My Child — Jennifer at Hybrid Rasta Mama admits that she has struggled with not allowing her fears to control her and how the reality of this was blown wide open when she became a mother.
  • Proactive Steps to Calm Parenting Fears — Every parent has certain fears related to dangerous situations, That Mama Gretchen shares ways she is preparing herself and her children for emergencies.
  • Homeschooling Fears – Will My Children Regret Being Homeschooled? — Deb Chitwood at Living Montessori Now shares an interview with her now-adult children that answers a question she had throughout their homeschooling.
  • An Uneasy Truce — Homeschooler and recent convert to unschooling, Tam at tinsenpup shares just a few of the things she tries to keep in mind when fear and insecurity begin to take hold.
  • Fearing the worst, expecting the best — Tarana at Sand In My Toes writes about fears that come with parenting, and why we must overcome them.
  • Can I be the parent I want to be? — Amanda at Postilius confronts her struggle to peacefully parent a preschooler
  • Out of Mind, Out of Fear — How does Jorje of Momma Jorje deal with her pretty steep, long-term fears regarding her son's future?
  • I Don't Homeschool to Manage My Kids' Transcripts — One of Dionna at Code Name: Mama's fears of parenting is that she will get so caught up in the monotony, the details of homeschooling, the minutiae of everyday life, the routine of taking care of a household - that she will forget to actually be present in the moment with her children.
  • Beware! Single Mom Camping — Erica at ChildOrganics shares her first adventures as a single mom. She laughed, she cried, she faced her fears.
  • Parenting Fears And Reality Checks — Luschka from Diary of a First Child shares her three biggest fears as a parent - that most parents share - looks at the reality behind these fears, and offers a few suggestions for enjoying parenting.
  • Parenting fear : to kill a pink rabbit...Mother Goutte tells us the story of a pink rabbit that disappeared, came back, and became the symbol of her worst parenting fear...
  • Roamingsustainablemum considers whether allowing your children freedom to explore the world safely is harder now than in the past.
  • Meeting my parenting fears head-on — Lauren at Hobo Mama had many fears before she became a parent. Learn how they all came true — and weren't anywhere near as scary as she'd thought.
  • Don't fear the tears — Justine at The Lone Home Ranger worried that letting her children cry when going to sleep was tantamount to the dreaded parenting moniker, CIO. She discusses what actually happened after those teary nights, and how she hopes these lessons can carry forward to future parenting opportunities.
  • Will I Still be a Good Mom? — Mercedes at Project Procrastinot worries about her mothering skills now that breastfeeding is no longer the top priority.
  • Pregnancy Fears: It Happened to My Sisters, It Will Happen to Me... — Kristen at Country Fit Family discusses the difficulties with pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding that the women in her family have had and how she overcame them.
  • Fears — Meegs at A New Day talks about how her fears before parenting led to a better understanding of herself and her desires for her daughter.

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Parenting Books You Need

Yay! It's here! Sound the horns!
You might remember last year when I was an affiliate for Mindful Nurturing. They offered some pretty sweet resources then, but this time they've really outdone themselves. This bundle has over 35 eProducts and is a steal for less than 50 bucks!

Here are some of the deets:
The Essential Parenting Collection is offered at $49.97, fractions of the retail value of $751.48.
We have divided the products into 5 categories. Scroll down the page to learn more about ALL of these wonderful resources.
Each mini bundle is available for $19.97.

  • Pregnancy and Birth
  • The Early Years
  • Child Development
  • Resources for Parents
  • Mindful Guidance
  • Free Gifts with purchase of the Full Collection

Dig into these amazing resources!

I really urge you to check out the main page where all the resources are listed, but here are a few highlights from each of the modules. Please note that these are affiliate links and of you make a purchase through them you will be getting an awesome deal and help support this blog. Nice!

Highlights from the Essential Parenting Collection:

The Business of Baby: What Doctors Don't Tell You, What Corporations Try To Sell You, And How to Put Your Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby Before Their Bottom Line.


Jennifer Margulis, audiobook, retail value $20

Why does the USA have among the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the industrialized world? Why do pregnant women who plan to breastfeed receive “free” samples of infant formula from American obstetricians? Why are American newborns given a vaccine at birth against hepatitis B, a sexually transmitted disease? This eye-opening work of investigative journalism exposes how our current cultural practices during pregnancy, childbirth, and the first year of a baby’s life are not based on the best evidence or the most modern science, revealing how American moms and their babies are being undermined by corporate interests.

Buy the Pregnancy and Birth Module

Buy the Full Essential Parenting Collection

The Natural Parent's Guide to Babywearing.

The Natural Parent's Guide to BabywearingLauren Wayne, Hobo Mama, 154 pages, retail value $11.97

Babywearing gives you a convenient way to carry along a little one, keeping your child engaged while allowing you as the parent or caregiver to continue with the routines of life — walking, using your hands for tasks, and even breastfeeding — while keeping your child secure.

This book is a Babywearing 101 class, giving an introductory overview of babywearing, along with troubleshooting ideas for special circumstances. We'll talk about the benefits of babywearing, types of common carriers, how to babywear safely, pictorial how-tos for how to tie and wrap the most popular carriers, tutorials for making your own carrier, and a list of helpful resources for information and support on your babywearing journey.

Buy the Parenting the Early Years Module

Buy the Full Essential Parenting Collection

Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More than Peers

Hold On To Your Kids_DigitalEdition-2400x2400Dr. Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Maté, Post Hypnotic Press, audiobook (13 hrs 42 mins), retail value $26

A psychologist with a reputation for penetrating to the heart of complex parenting issues joins forces with a physician and bestselling author to tackle one of the most disturbing and misunderstood trends of our time -- peers replacing parents in the lives of our children. A phenomenon they term peer orientation, it refers to the tendency of children and youth to look to their peers for direction: for a sense of right and wrong, for values, identity and codes of behaviour. Peer orientation undermines family cohesion, poisons the school atmosphere, and fosters an aggressively hostile and sexualized youth culture. It provides a powerful explanation for schoolyard bullying and youth violence; its effects are painfully evident in the context of teenage gangs and criminal activity, in tragedies such as in Littleton, Colorado; Tabor, Alberta and Victoria, B.C. It is an escalating trend that has never been adequately described or contested until Hold On to Your Kids. Once understood, it becomes self-evident - as do the solutions, none of which are impossible or even costly to undertake.

Buy the Child Development Module

Buy the Full Essential Parenting Collection

Keep Your Cool - How to Stop Yelling, Spanking and Punishing: What to Do Instead

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00014]

Flo Gascon, 157 pages, retail value $25

Your kids are your pride and joy, but sometimes conflict arises and it can be overwhelming. You lose your temper when you don’t mean to. In this guide, I break down an interaction into 5 manageable pieces, making your issues easier to define and act upon effectively. There is not a one-fits-all solution, so you have opportunity to customize your Cool Down and Help Strategy. This is about knowing your individual triggers and your individual child and getting on a path to a strong and peaceful relationship.

Buy the Mindful Guidance Module

Buy the Full Essential Parenting Collection

Calm Authority for Fathers

WhatNowDadMarcy Axness, Parenting for Peace, audio coaching session, retail value $19.95

Parenting can blindside us when it pushes our buttons from how we were treated as a child. "Calm Authority for Fathers" is an easy, relaxing way to harness the latest scientific finding: the more you can make sense of your own past, the healthier and more successful you child will be! The bonus: It cultivates an inner calm and self-possession that’s essential for effective parenting, and that makes most discipline issues evaporate before they ever appear.

Buy the Resources for Parents Module

Buy the Full Essential Parenting Collection

And of course, my book Twin Manibreasto is also available, in the Early Years module. Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be highlighting more of the resources here, so make sure you check back in!

Essential Parenting Collection eBundle

Friday, February 7, 2014

What Do I Know about Raising Children?

Project Procrastinot Raising Children

You've got me, I'm a newbie. 

Even though my twins are 16 months old, I'm still getting used to this parenting gig. I don't know everything about raising children, but I am willing to learn!

Last year I became an affiliate partner of Mindful Nurturing. They have provided some awesome resources for parents, and the newest offering will not disappoint!

You know what's even more awesome? This time, I'm also a contributor! 


My new book, Twin Manibreasto: A Success Story of Milk & Multiples, is available in the new collection from Mindful Nurturing. I'm proud to be among these other awesome authors!

Here are the details: Mindful Nurturing's Essential Parenting Collection contains 35 eProducts on the following topics: 
  • Pregnancy and Birth, 
  • Parenting the Early Years, 
  • Child Development, 
  • Mindful Guidance, 
  • Resources for Parents.

 It includes coloring books, eCourses, eBooks, Audiobooks, Workshops, online yoga courses and more.

Essential Parenting Collection from Mindful NurturingThis is not a flash sale. It will be around awhile to give you time to absorb the incredible scope of the resources and learn more about them from me over the course of the sale. 

Response to this new take on the bundle concept has been massive, and we've been able to get huge names to contribute, including Teresa Graham Brett, Brian Post, Jennifer Margulis, Gabor Maté, Gordon Neufeld, Lori Petro, and many more.

Some of the titles in this collection will make your world shake: Hold on to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More than Peers, The Business of Baby, Birth Relaxation Kit, Gender Neutral Parenting, and more!

The resources here are mind-boggling and I'm so excited to share them with you. These eProducts (and their creators) have been a great inspiration to me in shaping how I want to parent. This bundle truly is an essential collection!

The full collection will be available starting Monday, February 10, for $49.97, a fraction of the more than $740 total retail value.

Topical mini-bundles will be available at $19.97 for those who're only looking for specific information.

Check out the full collection and set aside some dollars to buy on Monday!

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Try this Birthday Cake Recipe: Breastmilk Cupcakes

Here's a healthy alternative for your baby's 1st birthday cake: Breastmilk cupcakes!

These cupcakes have no added sugar but are naturally sweet! They were the perfect choice for Cupcake and Astro, and I share the recipe in my new ebook, Twin Manibreasto.

To celebrate the book release, I'm also giving away the recipe as a freebie when you sign up for my newsletter, Project Positivity. It's a once a month report of Positive Parenting resources, plus tips to help you be more positive, right now. (To read more about the newsletter, visit this page.)

Have you ever baked with breastmilk?

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Breastfeeding Tips for Moms of Multiples

Happy February, friends! 

Is it just me or is it nearly impossible to believe that 2014 is already one-twelfth of the way over?

I have an announcement for you that's been a while in the making. It happened sooner than I anticipated, but here it goes:

I've written a book. 


Breastfeeding has become one of my priorities and passions, and I finally decided to embrace the opportunity to write an e-book about my favorite topic.

Twin Manibreasto is our story and in it, I share some of my breastfeeding tips for mothers of multiples. I really wanted to write this book to show expecting moms that breastfeeding twins is possible. 

Some of the topics in the book are: what to buy (and what not to buy), pumping, scheduling, positions and "booby traps." 

Also included:
  • Recipes to promote healthy lactation
  • A printable feeding log to keep track of each baby's feeds and diaper counts
  • Links for further reading

If you are pregnant with twins, or know someone who is, please check it out and share this resource! 

It's available as a PDF and is only $6.99.

And hey, are you subscribed to my newsletter?

Sign up today and get a look at one of the recipes from the book: cupcakes with a very special ingredient--breastmilk!

(This is what I served the twins at their first birthday party, and they're quite tasty!)

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