Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Two Tactics for Simplifying with Twins

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It would have been nice if I'd gotten my life together before having babies.  But in spite of all my to-do lists, my trips to Ikea, my Pinterest boards and my good intentions, I'm still not the most organized person.  Add two babies and well, it doesn't help things.

Or does it?  

Actually I am more motivated to be organized now and find that I get depressed and overwhelmed feeling when the house is in a state of disarray.  With two kids the best way to stay organized, I find, is to stay away from all the stuff.  

Here are two things that have helped our family:

1) We have an organizational system for their things, and it works for us.  That last bit is the most important part.  You have to find something that you can get the hang of, or else it just won't serve its purpose.  

For the babies' room I have some book slings that are mounted to the wall, a dresser/changing table, and inside the closet I have two more small dressers with bins where the toys and linens go.  It's nice because it's organized and I can close the closet doors and really feel good about my housekeeping skills (hahahahaha).
The other nice thing about the room looking so clean is that it dissuades me from buying more stuff.  If there's no place for it, we don't get it.

There are so many options to try, if something's not working for you try a different way.  Baskets, bins, drawers, doors, hide it away or keep it out in the open.  You'll never know what works for you if you don't try it!

2) I don't go shopping.  Much.  Well, I don't get out much, period, but staying away from temptations (and this includes online temptations!) I think really helps me discriminate when it comes to things the babies need.  

If I do go out and see something, I don't usually buy it immediately.  After a while, if I'm still thinking about it or see that it will get a lot of use, I'll get it. 

Sometimes I think that the babies are getting bored very quickly and easily, and maybe I need to stop being such a boring mama and buy them some new toys.  You know, something that lights up or plays music.  But the other day, we were on a playdate and I found that even among all the new toys and the plasticky flashy wonders that surrounded them, they behaved the same way!  I'd rather have them get bored easily and not have my house filled to the brim.  

Sounds pretty simple, huh?  It is but it's not easy.  It's not my natural way, but I'm making an effort.  I'm still searching for the perfect organization system for my own closet!  

How do you manage your kids' stuff?
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